[Multiplayer] [console] network selection/start game

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[Multiplayer] [console] network selection/start game

Unread post by mikefive » Thu Jul 04, 2024 4:56 am


i mostly play the game on several game-consoles like the powkiddy x55 or the odroid go ultra/advance, which runs great by the way and is a lot of fun for my child and me :)

but there are two things, that really annoying me over time and act as a real showstopper in my point of view (especially with playing with kids or wife :D)

1) when you start a multiplayer game, you *need* to add a keyboard to enter the server-ip on the cllent side.
good thing here: when you entered the IP once, it will be remembered the next time.
as a suggestion here you maybe can add something like PPSSPP AdHoc Network Selection, which fits much better devices without a keyboard (found a example picture to illustrate this):


2) but *much* more annoying on the master side: you need to press TAB to start the multiplayer game- which means you also need to add a keyboard to start the multiplayer game.
i know, i know: you can possibly map this in the console itself to another key. but it maybe is simpler to change the key from TAB to the normal used confirmation-key used in the rest of the menus. it is the only place where this key is used, as far as i can see.

the problem with most of these consoles is that there often is only one USB port and no internal wifi, which means you have the only usb port blocked with a wifi dongle and there is no room for a keyboard dongle- which obviously is a bad combination for a multiplayer game (i mean: it works, but its simply no elegant family-compatible solution :D)

ok, these are just my two cents for an improvment in this really good game, espescially for these type of consoles :)
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