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Re-Volt Tutorials and Documentations moved

Unread post by Marv » Sun Apr 05, 2020 11:45 am


I moved some repositories form Github to GitLab and in the same turn I automated the build process for the documentations. They're now automatically built on the GitLab server.
The Blender add-on and the content creation tutorial are now both moved to GitLab.

I also set up a homepage for all development projects of the Re-Volt GitLab group: https://re-volt.gitlab.io/

Please note that the tutorials on Re-Volt I/O have also moved there completely: https://re-volt.gitlab.io/content-tutorial/
This is great because everyone can now work on it, it's open source. You only have to edit the markdown files, there's no need to install mdbook (the software used to convert the markdown files into html) as it's all done automatically now.

See you on https://matrix.re-volt.io

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