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[CISN] Neigdoig
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Re: Introductions

Unread post by [CISN] Neigdoig » Mon Dec 27, 2021 11:44 pm

I've been waiting to join these forums for a little bit of time after having discovered them here.

My name is Nëïgsëndöïg Cöcülës [Pronounced (Neeg-sen-doyg Koh-kyu-uhls)], I'm the founder and the CEO of the Cöcülës Industries Spy Network (CISN for short), a startup entertainment entity focused on bring all types of entertainment to anyone and everyone, using old-school methods with a modern twist. I own 2 YouTube channels under this startup: CoculesNation (Our gaming channel), and the Cocules Tie Network (A necktie knot tutorial channel to the style of Patrick Novotny).

That out of the way, I discovered RVGL back in 2020, maybe early 2021 at the latest while using either Manjaro or Garuda (Both Arch Linux distros), since I plan on using Linux for as long as I live since 2020. I'm currently using Linux Mint (an Ubuntu-based flavor) to play this game, and I have just *again* beaten all the cups. I don't focus on the Time Trails, since I'd do single-player racing (much to how Soundhead Entertainment on YouTube does it, when I start recording and releasing RVGL content in the future). I also plan on playing multiplayer sooner or later.

If you'd like to check out the YouTube channels I have listed, feel free to do so. I'm an ambivert irl.
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Re: Introductions

Unread post by Ced! » Sun Sep 04, 2022 12:03 pm

I join this forum in the hope of finding answers to my questions and get good advice in terms of my lego track creations.
I know that Discord is certainly more efficient for this, but I don't feel comfortable with it at all.
Firstly because I speak English very badly and secondly because there are too many windows, buttons .../... for my old brain :D
I will create a new topic in the garage for this soon.

Thank you.
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