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Rocket targeting glitch

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 12:17 pm
by ZipperZbieracz
There might be a serious glitch with the rocket targeting system in RVGL.

Let's imagine there is a player A that has 3 rockets from a pickup and a player B who is targeted by the player A.

The glitch is that even though player A sees the player B as his target (green circle on player B) and shoots at him, player B on his own PC doesn't see himself as the target of the rocket. On player's A PC he can see that the rockets hit the player B directly, but absolutely nothing happens to him, player B didn't even juke the rockets. Why? Because on player's B computer, he is not seeing himself (his car) as a target of a rocket picked up by the player A (on his PC it would be a red circle on his car, he can't see it, so on his PC he is "not targeted" by any rocket even though player A targets him with a rocket and sees the green target circle on his own PC). So when player A shoots those rockets, on player's B computer those rockets instead of hitting him directly, they fly into the sky or target and hit a player C driving ahead of him, no rockets are hitting the player B because on his PC he wasn't a target of those rockets so those rockets don't fly and hit him, but fly to the air or hit another player if one is nearby (on players B computer he's not the target, but sees player C as the target and the rockets on player's B PC hit player C).

This glitch works for the entire race, entire session perhaps too but I can't confirm it. Player B can stay still and the glitch still works.

The glitch feels similar to "cant see others" glitch back from 1.2 version. Reconnecting might work in fixing the glitch temporarily, might also not, hard to confirm. The glitch is hard to catch and usually players shun it as just massive lag, but laggy rockets is something completely different. Especially when player ahead is doing 0 dodges as he doesn't even see himself as a target of a rocket, and even laggy rockets will hit a player driving fully straight. I've seen this glitch happen to me on both as a player A (I cant hit other specific player with my rockets) and as a player B (a specific player cant hit me with his rockets).

Re: Rocket targeting glitch

Posted: Tue Jan 18, 2022 11:33 am
by ZipperZbieracz
Proof this glitch is real and not some RVRc imaginations, I've got a replay file of this glitch happening in a race: ... sp=sharing

On the 3rd lap Wurzel tries to hit me with his 3 rockets, but two rockets go to the air and hit nothing, while his 3rd rocket instead of hitting me (I was in front of him), hits Mmud who was even further ahead, mmud was ahead of me. All that happened because on my screen (and maybe on host's as well, who knows) I was not seeing myself as a target of his rockets, so on my screen his rockets went "to the air", just like firing rockets with no target would look like, while the 3rd rocket was targetting a car ahead of me, even further away, and hit him directly. You have to take my word for it, but for the whole time Wurzel had his rockets and then fired his first, second and third one, on my screen I was not a target of any rocket weapon, there was no red target circle on me from his rockets pickup. Of course it's not scientific conditions, this glitch is very hard to catch, hard to find and most players would just shun it as lag.

It's not lag, streamable video link:

Odysee video if streamable removes video after inactivity

Youtube video if streamable removes video after inactivity