Steam Deck Question regarding RGVL

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Re-Volt Steam Deck Question regarding RGVL

Unread post by propatino » Thu Nov 16, 2023 6:14 pm

Hello all,

I installed RGVL on Steam Deck using the Windows x64 file and got it working through Steam with Proton. The only limitation is I still need a mouse input to launch the game through RGVL, and the Steam Input settings I've tried are not recognized on the Steam UI side.

Is there a way to launch the game directly, instead of launching RGVL Launcher window first? I'm not looking to modify Launcher settings any further, and if so I would go to Desktiop Mode to do that. Just seeing if there is a way to make it more seamless, since the Steam Input approach I'm using to simulate a click on the Launch RGVL button is not recognized. I tried Steam Input : Mouse Cursor to Position > Left Click combo but it's not recognized. I'm trying now to TAB through the Launcher buttons using one button but I haven't gotten it to work either.

Thank you for your time,
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Re: Steam Deck Question regarding RGVL

Unread post by RadiatorTwo » Mon Nov 27, 2023 7:04 pm

Steam Deck in Desktop mode has this annoying thing that when starting something through steam, it always applies the controller profile for that game.
And since the default profile is a gamepad the mouse stops working.

When starting the launcher in desktop mode and the mouse isn't working you can switch back to non steam desktop controls by pressing the steam button on the left.
But that's only temporary. It switches always back after clicking something.

A much easier way would be to just go back to gaming mode and there configure the games controller profile to use one of the trackpads as a mouse.
You'll need that anyway when starting the game from the launcher in gaming mode.

Also since the games default input after installing is the keyboard, you also need to configure some keys (for example the pad keys on the back) as keyboard keys like left, right, up, down, enter and escape, to navigate the games menu to activate the gamepad input.

Would have answered sooner, but I'm not that often here...
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