Not understanding how controller support works

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Not understanding how controller support works

Unread post by Sdoots » Sun Jul 31, 2022 6:17 pm


I've downloaded the mapping tool and made a mapping. I don't see where said mapping saves, and I'm not clear on how this whole process works to begin with.

I'm trying to use a SN30 8bitdo controller and an Xbox One controller, with no luck either way. The game recognizes that there are xInput device connected, but no inputs actually register if they are selected.

I tried some searches on this and the old forums, with no luck.

I am playing on the 64 bit windows build.

UPDATE: Still need help with this, please!

UPDATE 2: I am checking the thread every day to see if anyone responds. Please, help me out here! Google has been less than helpful.

UPDATE 3: Fuck it, uninstalled.
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