Gameplay footage of GBC port of Re-Volt

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Gameplay footage of GBC port of Re-Volt

Unread post by 607 » Mon Oct 30, 2023 4:53 pm

This topic is posted very late, but nobody else has done it yet, so I feel like it is better late than never.
On August 5th 2022, gameplay of the cancelled Game Boy Color port/remake of Re-Volt got posted to YouTube.
I'm quite curious where this comes from and have asked in the comments section, but got no response.
It was nice to see this, though! I found it interesting that so many tracks have been partially or even mostly remade, even though the gameplay appears to have been in a fairly early stadium. But I'm no expert on game development, I guess it's possible that a lot of time was put into the engine already to get it to this place. The engine was later reused for two other games, after all, neither of which got an official release.
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Re: Gameplay footage of GBC port of Re-Volt

Unread post by numanoid » Thu Jan 18, 2024 5:54 pm

Also late reply, but thanks for sharing the link, never knew there was also a handheld version in the works. Though understandable that it was never finished, there really is only so much you can do with the hardware.

Don't know if it was added afterwards but there is some info about the dump in the video description, as well as a link to the rom.
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