PS1 Acclaim Sets for PC

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PS1 Acclaim Sets for PC

Unread post by VaidX47 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 11:41 pm

Reuploaded content from 2013 and 2014, now finally on this forum with better description.

=- Acclaim Set Introduction -=
The Playstation version of Re-Volt wasn't particularly great in comparison to N64, DC and PC versions.
Low graphics, odd physics, slower overall game performance. However, it had additional cars that also got included to DC, a split-screen multiplayer and two sets of tracks which were made with included Track Editor from Acclaim itself.
No other game version had these, so little was known about them.
Player had to go to Save/Load menu and import them to show up in the track selection screen.
Either Set 1 or 2, and each of them had 10 tracks.

Tracks are fairly short, probably because of original hardware limitations. Track Editor built tracks ran even slower on PS1.
Their in-game names are "Foj **p" (** = number), except for Foi 04p and 10p. It is unknown what they suppose to mean.

The main purpose of this project was to recreate these tracks from scratch, so they could be played on the PC platform (including RVGL patch),
while retaining the same module and pickup placement as much as possible.

Set 1 has first 10 tracks which are longer and more difficult, while Set 2 has last 10 which are shorter and easier.
Because of track length, using slower cars is suggested.

Tracks can also be raced in Reversed mode and play REDBOOK music, which was not the case in the original game version. Since these are recreations by using the PC version of Track Editor, textures and background are different from the PS1 version, although they will look and play better on the PC.

=- Downloads -=
Acclaim Set 1 and 2 | (Mirror)
Acclaim Set 1 | (Mirror) / Acclaim Set 2 | (Mirror)
*7-Zip or any other archiver that supports 7z format is required

=- Information -=
Release date: 2013-01-27 (Set 1); 2014-07-31 (Set 2, at Re-Volt 15th Anniversary)
Folder name: Foj **p; Foi **p
Track category: Lego (built with Track Editor)
Track size (in TE blocks): 10x10 ~ 15x15
Race mode: Single Race
Length: 82 ~ 305 meters
Difficulty: Unknown (Easy from my own perspective)
Reversed Mode: Yes (PS1 originals didn't include Reversed versions)
Practice Star: No
Included Time Trial Times: No
Custom Features: No

These tracks will work on any PC version of the game.
However, to select them in Reversed mode, you need to use RVGL or 1.2a patch.

=- Installation -=
Just extract "levels" folder to the main Re-Volt directory.

TDF files are for the Track Editor. You can edit these tracks however you like and then export them.
To install, extract them to (...Re-Volt\editor\tdf).

Note: Tracks don't have gfx images (track previews), originals didn't either.

[hide=List of tracks]

Code: Select all

Name:			Length (Meters):    Size  (TE Blocks):
Foj 01p			162m                10x10
Foj 02p			305m                10x10
Foj 03p			210m                10x10
Foi 04p			235m                10x10
Foj 05p			177m                10x10
Foj 06p			189m                10x10
Foj 07p			177m                10x10
Foj 08p			194m                10x10
Foj 09p			204m                10x10
Foi 10p			176m                10x10
Foj 11p			84m                 10x10 (6x9 in PS1)
Foj 12p			82m                 10x10 (7x9 in PS1)
Foj 13p			114m                10x10
Foj 14p			114m                12x10 (12x6 in PS1)
Foj 15p			212m                14x14
Foj 16p			143m                12x10 (12x8 in PS1)
Foj 17p			93m                 10x10 (9x9 in PS1)
Foj 18p			251m                11x12
Foj 19p			222m                15x15
Foj 20p			152m                10x15 (6x15 in PS1)

[hide=How was this done]
When the project just started, PC Track Editor and PS1 game in the emulator were running side by side.
Then after exporting, compare how they play side by side from the car perspective to be as accurate as possible.
There's no free camera view in the PS1 version (or known method to access it).
This definitely wasn't a perfect way to get things done. It's a long process and would still contain human errors, because of third person view, hence I've started looking for another possible method for better accuracy.

PS1 game data can easily be accessed on the disc, so of course there would also be data for these Acclaim Sets.
I quickly found out these tracks are inside TRACK.001 and TRACK.002 files. I figured, they hopefully had similar structure to user track data in PS1. Track Editor allows 10 tracks per 1 memory slot, so it made perfect sense why each Acclaim Set had 10 tracks. After making a dummy track in PS1 editor and saving to the memory card, I've used PSXMemTool to extract Track Editor memory block to compare it.
After comparing TRACK.00* and TE user data, it turned out that the former files have same data structure, except they're missing headers for identifying save slot in PS1 BIOS, essentially making them to be user track data.
All I had to do was inject/replace Acclaim Set track data with TE user track memory slot data.
With this I could view/edit these tracks in PS1 Track Editor and have side by side view with PC Track Editor.

Lastly, tracks were compared on PC and PS1 in-race one more time. It turned out some of the pickup placements were different*, so I've used MAKEITGOOD edit modes to move them manually.
One of the tracks also had issues with AI nodes after exporting. Fixed that too. And that's really it.

Therefore I can guarantee these tracks are 100% accurate how they were originally built, except for pickup locations, but those are very close enough.
Graphics is a different matter, PS1 TE modules have completely different texture mapping and background, it was initially planned to recreate them as well, however there was no easy way for it. The best method would be by editing with 3D modeling program such as Blender, since an add-on to import and export Re-Volt data exists now.
If you're up to it, feel free to do it.

Acclaim Set 2 has quite a few smaller than 10x10 size layout tracks. It's normally not possible on the PC version. Still, editing TE memory with Cheat Engine allowed me to force different track sizes and save them in .tdf.
Exporting smaller than 10x10 size tracks causes issues with the background though, hence exported tracks are still in 10x10.

* PS1 and PC pickup locations (before altering with MAKEITGOOD):


For more information, see readme.txt in the archive.

=- Credits -=
- VaidX47 - project leader, building, editing, testing
- Ballisticsrules - some help with building Set 2 early on
aka Vaid; >[MediaFire Stuff]<
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