[RELEASE] Bolt: An RVGL ModLoader

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[RELEASE] Bolt: An RVGL ModLoader

Unread post by anonfoxer » Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:54 am

Bolt : An RVGL ModLoader

Bulk mod loading! Ease of use! Clean UI A permanent 5% boost to your charisma stat!

This is essentially an easier, bulk version of a DLL Injector.
What does this mean?
Any .dll mods that can be made by anyone can be injected into the game instance.

How to Use
Make a folder in your ReVolt Folder named "mods" (not neccissary, but reccomended for ease of use.)
Launch the loader and RVGL.
In the textbox, type the path to your mod folder, ending with *.dll (to load all mods) (Ex: C:\User2232\ReVolt\mods*.dll)
Once at the ingame main menu, click "Load Mods"

How to Install
Download the exe.
Create a folder in the ReVolt Folder named "mods". (optional)

Download Directly Here! (18.50 kb)
Check the GitHub Repo!
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