CNET Gamecenter demo found

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CNET Gamecenter demo found

Unread post by krobelit » Thu Aug 27, 2020 12:34 am

This is something I already posted about on the Discord server a while ago, but I felt like posting here too for archival purposes.

I was mindlessly browsing the wiki one day when I stumbled upon the Game Center car page. The car itself felt really familiar to me for some reason, which intrigued me quite a bit. I recall having at least two cds with demo of Re-Volt, but couldn't really remember which versions they were. My suspicions were confirmed when I rediscovered an "racing" special edition of an old gaming magazine I had, which, in true early 2000's fashion, came with a cd loaded with assorted games and demos. It conveniently contained a screenshot of the included Re-Volt demo, which showcases the elusive Game Center promotional car.

While the idea of uncovering a demo distribution which was once deemed lost to time sounds interesting, there honestly isn't much to add about the demo itself. As Vaid noted in the server, it doesn't appear to have any significant differences from the Acclaim demo. I am, however stil quite glad of having found this little piece of RV history.

The case for many of those cds is that they're made up of frankly quite random selections of whatever the magazine editors could find for free online, during a time where internet access wasn't as widespread as it is today - If you did have some yourself, perhaps this might encourage you to look back on them, maybe you'll find some interesting stuff ;) One day I might check out the rest of the cd and find somewhere to archive it as well. ... sp=sharing
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