My Plans for Re-Volt

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My Plans for Re-Volt

Unread post by agg1401 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:45 pm

Early Beginning

In order to bring the Re-Volt game to my country, the first step will be to transfer the cars used by Turkish players from the maps of the games and those games to this game. Then I'll make a game patch using those maps and cars. This patch will be shared for free in every community that allows advertising, to help the game gain a new audience.

In order to keep this new audience, I will try to introduce the most famous Re-volt tracks and cars, and if I manage to keep and grow this audience, I will put all Turkish cars made in my country into this game, and if I can, I will ensure that the old generation is attracted to this game. it both retains the masses and enables the game to be reactivated.

If, Plan Fail

Let's say the plan backfired and I could not bring the game to my country, so if that plan fails; The plan you could do would be. If your favorite game is moddable, I would put the Re-Volt cars or places. I would take care to choose these places very well, and once I put it, I would wait for people to comment and when they did comment, I would bring Re-Volt attention thanks to good answers.

After a certain stage, if I cannot continue to progress, then the best thing I can do is to get the legal rights of Re-Volt once I get incorporated and to present it in a way that appeals to the eyes of the people in the best way possible. This game will eventually hold or have to hold.
Turkish Re-Volter.

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