KingCatsups Tuned Volken Turbo

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KingCatsups Tuned Volken Turbo

Unread post by KingCatsup » Sat Dec 19, 2020 4:54 pm

About me:

Hello! My name is KingCatsup. I'll tell a little about what attachment I have to Re-Volt as I just found this forum page. My family has always had at least 1 computer in the house. When I was a child, my father had the original Re-Volt, and I loved the game. Well, time goes on, Re-Volt becomes out dated, and I just kind of forget it exists. Re-Volt gets replaced by Cabela's Offroad Adventure 2. Eventually, we move houses, and kind of forget about Cabela's. One day, I think on a road trip of some sort, I remember both Cabela's and Re-Volt, and begin wondering what happened to the games. I couldn't figure out where the disk for Cabela's went, and just kind of gave up on thinking I would play it again. I also forgot about Re-Volt as well. I began searching for games that interested me as much as Cabela's did, and stumbled across SpinTires and BeamNG.Drive. BeamNG.Drive quickly became the favorite game, and I began going through computers, upgrading them where I could, so the game would run half decent. As of now, I have over 10,000 hours in BeamNG.Drive. Well, I get bored of BeamNG.Drive, as I played so much that the updates couldn't entertain me for more than a couple days. Re-Volt pops back into my mind as I was satisfied with the whole Cabela's ordeal, but had not found a game that struck the same feelings as Re-Volt. I found out about RVGL, and have been kind of obsessed with it for the past week or so. I quickly found out that the team that remade Re-Volt had basically told you how to change things, so loving cars and tuning, I took a shot at tuning a car to be fast yet good handling.

What you came here for:

Base car used:
Volken Turbo

What I changed:
*Increased acceleration.
*Increased top speed.
*Increased traction a little.
*Centered the CoM.
*Made it AWD.
*Changed from electric to gas.
*Edited the skin a little bit.

Why I changed what I did:
I increased acceleration to make it leave the line quick. I changed top speed to make it faster on straights. I increased traction a bit because the increased speed made it about the same as a hockey puck on ice. The centered CoM was to keep the car from oversteering and understeering around corners. Making it AWD reduced the tendency of the car to understeer around corners. Changed it to gas because I'm a gas monkey (comparable to a petrol head.) I edited the skin so it was easier to tell if it was the cheated or non-cheated version.

Important notes:
*Please be sure to make a backup of the original Volken Turbo somewhere else in case you want to go back (which you probably will)
*The game will know that its a cheat version of the Volken Turbo
*Please don't use this to cheat the game, unless you have a second copy of the game that you don't tamper with, as it kind of makes the game easy and not as fun
*When put into the game, bots will use this version of the Volken thinking its the original version, meaning if you go with another car, the bot will win by a longshot
*If your game file is in Program Files (x86), it will ask you to go through a bunch of Administrator stuff. If your game file is in Program Files (x86) and you don't know the admin password, you won't be able to add the cheat car to your game
*Please be courteous and don't use this in online games, unless you have been told that you may

What I recommend:

I would recommend that you install Re-Volt on a flash drive, so you have 2 versions. I would mess around with the one on the flash drive instead of the one on your computer. This way, you can still play the game stock if you want, or you can switch to your broken version. This also lets you grab files from the original game if any of the other files you put in break. I was saved by doing this a couple of times, as one of my attempts at editing a car broke and messed a bunch of stuff up.

I know what I'm doing/I finished reading the recommendations:

How to add the car to your game:
1) Download the "Parameters" txt file
2) Go to your Re-Volt folder, chances are its in the C drive (or whichever drive you have set as the default), in Program Files (x86), under Acclaim
3) Go to the "Cars" folder
4) Scroll down to the folder titled "Volken" and go into it
5) Move the txt file titled "Parameters" in the "Volken" folder to somewhere safe. I recommend making a folder in your Downloads folder to put it in
6) Move the "Parameters" txt file you downloaded into the "Volken" folder
If it doesn't work, let me know, and I'll try to figure out what went wrong

Where to download the Parameters file:
Get the file here: ... sp=sharing

How to add the skin to your game:
1) Download the "Volken" bmq file
2) Go to your Re-Volt folder, once again, its probably in your C drive, in Program Files (x86), under Acclaim
3) Go to the "Cars" folder
4) Scroll down to the folder titled "Volken" and go into it
5) Move the bmq file titled "Volken" to the same spot you moved the original "Parameters" txt file for safekeeping, if you ever want to go back
6) Move the "Volken" bmq file you downloaded into the "Volken" folder

Where to download the Volken skin file: ... sp=sharing

NEW! Guide out now. Written by Ellie ... ue&sd=true

If you do try out the car/skin, let me know if there are any ways I can improve it.
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