Expose F-key bindings for configuration

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Expose F-key bindings for configuration

Unread post by Gotolei » Thu Feb 11, 2021 6:26 am

In particular, I'm imagining it would be possible to re-bind the controls for what are currently the F2 and F3 cameras (as well as the F4 for car cycling. maybe make it possible to cycle backwards through an additional binding while at it). I can imagine it being useful to rebind the screenshot key as well, and maybe even the tvtime ones.

But most importantly, the bindings being present in settings would make them available for input methods other than keyboard, such as on a gamepad where it's much less convenient to reach over to the keyboard to enable/disable the picture-in-picture windows. Rejiggering tvtime to be gamepad-compatible may or may not be more trouble than it's worth,* so even if the only rebindable keys were for the pip windows then that would be a notable step forward.

*(though i will say that the tendency for modern games to use right stick to look around has caught my muscle memory out in RV more than a few times, wondering why it isn't doing anything)
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