Save a replay without finishing

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Save a replay without finishing

Unread post by Ato » Fri Apr 30, 2021 6:27 am

Is there any chance of re-imolementing replay saving without having to finish the race? I understand it was possible in old Re-Volt.

I oftenm see some great opporrtunity for another "Moments" gif, but I can't record it bevause i can't save the replay. Either because I don't like being forced to repo and force-finish a race I deemed a failure anyway (kills the fun, so i'm picky, so sue me :) ), or because the car can't get to the finish anyeway (yeah, I'm using much of CW's crazy things and some of those are actually incapable of finishing some tracks).

And the point remains - it was possible before.


Thanks in advance,
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