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Multiplayer AI suggestions

Unread post by wertyu14 » Sun May 02, 2021 1:40 am

Hello, new user here :).

Long-time fan of Re-Volt, almost since it came out, I recently found out about RVGL. Many thanks for keeping this great game active and for all the amazing work in it. I usually play it with some family people and it's great time :).

We have a small "issue" in our games that probably some people that play with the AI in multiplayer feel too. Usually we are 4/5 humans and fill in a couple of AI cars for a total of 10-14 cars. The AI has really improved since the original Re-Volt and I raised the difficulty parameter (in the profile file) to the max value (3), altough I disabled the rubberbanding feature there. But in some tracks the AI still has a tough time and usually it's a human that ends up winning most races.

Since I really enjoy AI in games, I had 2 suggestions regarding this. One of them is more minor, but the other one is really the main reason I'm writing this post and I really have hopes that it could be part of one of these RVGL updates, if possible :).

Starting with the minor one, it would be a way to set the rating of the AI cars for the race, regardless of the host rating. This way we could elevate the difficulty automatically, depending on the track. Might be a tricky suggestion, but I'll still leave it here.

For the main one: we really don't like that the humans start in front and the AI behind, unlike in single-player. Initially we would wait a few seconds at the start, but it was very messy and sometimes unfair between us. Then we tried a mandatory reposition right at the start, so the AI would go by first, but we end up on top of each other in the same spot, so it's not ideal either. So some kind of option for the humans to start (randomly between them) behind the AI would be absolutely great. It would give the AI an advantage in the usually critical start, while providing a fair start for the humans too (without the complications of the ways above). Maybe an option in the profile file? We would really be grateful if this one was somehow possible in the future :).

Best regards and thx for all the work in RVGL!
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