Mute List for Multiplayer sessions

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Mute List for Multiplayer sessions

Unread post by Powerate » Tue Oct 19, 2021 7:58 pm

Recently we got a feature that enables hosts to block a player from entering a session by using a "blocklist.txt" file that contains IP adresses that the game blocks from joining,
I'm suggesting for a similar feature, but one that only restricts chat:

Either a "hostmutelist.txt" document where the player names written there aren't able to send messages during the session, everyone in the lobby won't be able to see the messages sent by the player names inserted in the "hostmutelist.txt" document.

Another solution could be just a "mutelist.txt" where each player has its own player names mute list that prevents their messages from being displayed in the multiplayer chat at all, i don't know how this will work because there could be moments were there would be a player talking with a player that was muted to the player so he will only get half of the conversation.

Also if possible it would be nice if this list could be updated during a multiplayer session, to avoid player name switching that would be done to avoid the limitation put in place. Maybe there's another way to approach this and identify people but this one seems to one that makes the most sense for me.

Thanks for reading.
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