Replays of incomplete races

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Replays of incomplete races

Unread post by Ato » Wed Dec 08, 2021 5:35 am

Does anyone know why RVGL doesn't let us save replays of unfinished races anymore? It's possible in RV1.2.

VaidX47 said at Discord:
UI implemetation was altered when devs were tweaking the replay functionality.
Before RVGL, view/save replay function was dev only, not super user friendly either (only a single local file). I assume having dev mode on in RVGL doesn't allow to save one during pause, right? Perhaps there are some issues if you're trying to save once more when the same race is still going, but I don't know. It would probably be better asking in the forum.

It's not even about saving multiple times,it's about being unable to view incomplete races. If a botch the race, I still want to see the crash. Especially if the car's a rookie and I can't finish the track anyway.
And Save Replay is not available during race even without using -dev.

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