New Modes, Race settings and Championship settings?

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New Modes, Race settings and Championship settings?

Unread post by JN_2002 » Thu Dec 30, 2021 3:49 am

I thought this from a long time ago...

Since the Re-Volt mode only have 2 modes:
-Battle Tag

How about I suggest to add new modes to the game?

I really suggest about the shooting modes on both race tracks and battle arenas...

In the race tracks, players are trying to reach the finish line while avoiding some projectiles at the same times. However on the shooting modes, players only have 5 lifes. If you got hit by a missile, you will be deducted 1 life. However if you got hit by a time bomb or fake item, it is 3 lifes instead. Other item than those won't deduct the lifes. When a player loses all 5 lifes, that player will be DNF and will be placed on the last position.

But in the battle arena shooting mode, they have to battle with 5 lifes as well. The player who loses all 5 lifes will be eliminated and will be placed on the last position.

I think about the Starting grids setting on race mode Single Player against AI. Players don't have to start on the back row everytime. How about random row? That will be fair play.

Oh.. and also I think about the Championship rules change...
My suggestion is the Championship mode doesn't require to get at least 3rd place to advanced. The only care is the point accumulated. The starting grid also have to adjust based on the last race position. [Ex: If you got 4th place on the 1st track, you will start at 4th place position at the next track!] (The very first track starting position is random)

Thank you and have a nice day!!!

~JN 2002~
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