very low CoM cars gives red X on certain tracks (mainly lego)

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very low CoM cars gives red X on certain tracks (mainly lego)

Unread post by shara-- » Sun Jun 05, 2022 9:35 am

i'd like to report a "bug" regarding track zones/car centre calculation.

it has been known for this game to have variety of custom content, both tracks and cars.
in rare times, sometimes there are few people who created something that is outside of what considered "normal" as a fun experimentation, that would result in novelty or an innovation.

particularly, there are custom cars that are designed like a "bike", which can "lean" into corners by setting a very low CoM.
most of the time, this works as intended and these vehicles can be raced normally.
though, in some cases, using these vehicles on certain tracks will result in "red X".

this is because the car's very low CoM, results in the game thinking that the car is below the track's "track zone" boundary, giving an "OUTSIDE ZONE" notification in MakeItGood on-screen info.
the track's boundaries for "track zones" does not reach low enough, for these low CoM cars to be considered "inside" it.
tracks made with revolt track editor (lego) have the most noticable effect of having these red X when using low CoM cars.

some might say it is the car maker's fault for making such an abnormal car.
some might say it is the track maker's fault for not having the track zones reach low enough.
but, the truth is, a similar RVGL fix has been made in 21.0905a version, for track trigger boxes.
said update makes those low CoM cars to be usable on those triggers (without changing anything about the car or the track), meaning a similar fix for track zones could be possible.

how 21.0905a fix for trigger boxes works, is by calculating the car's centre by its overall dimensions (rather than centre being based on CoM).
if a similar fix were to be applied for track zones, that would resolve the issue as the car's newly calculated centre is inside the track zone (thus no more "OUTSIDE ZONE" that causes red X).

below are some pictures relating to this issue
(1:lego track, 2:modelled custom track, 3:changelog of 21.0905a version, 4:huki describing how trigger fix works)

if this fix were to be implemented, it would ensure usability between wider range of cars and tracks.
i can provide more information if needed.
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Re: very low CoM cars gives red X on certain tracks (mainly lego)

Unread post by Ato » Mon Jun 06, 2022 2:25 am

I second this plea wholeheartedly.

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Re: very low CoM cars gives red X on certain tracks (mainly lego)

Unread post by 607 » Wed Jul 20, 2022 11:14 am

Good idea, and well argued!
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