Direction sensitivity freeze UI

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Killer Wheels
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Direction sensitivity freeze UI

Unread post by Killer Wheels » Wed Aug 17, 2022 8:09 pm

Hey RV Devs, I just found a bug in RVGL, I hope it's the right place to report bugs.

I'm trying to play the game using a pad (the f710 from logitech actually), on windows 11.
I found the non-linear sensitivity better for handling and tried to adjust parameters, so just to try things out, I tried to set the direction sensitivity to 100, then to 0.
Then get back, and I'm stuck here, with the UI not responding to any input (tried keyboard too).
Tried to set the value to 1 too and got the same result.
I can see FPS counter still updating in the background, and music is still playing ok.
I have to force game quit (alt+F4).

What can I add... The dead zone is set to 0 too. Hope it will help investigate :)

After that I tried to set the value to 10 and it was working fine.
Since I found the handling was better with higher values, I didn't bother testing anything between 1 and 10.
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