Questions about "obtain" and "selectable" parameters

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Questions about "obtain" and "selectable" parameters

Unread post by Motruf7 » Sun May 19, 2024 4:18 pm


I'd like to be able to select the "hidden" cars (probe UFO, mystery and the clockworks) in the game menu without the CARNIVAL cheat.

According to the documentation, it should be done by setting the SELECTABLE parameter to TRUE and the OBTAIN method to something between 0 and 4 instead of the default value -1 . But doing that doesn't work, am I missing something ?

Also, is there a way (with or without cheat) to make these cars selectable by the CPU as opponents ? As well as Panga, which is never used as an opponent ? Like a "selectable by AI" parameter for instance ?

Thanks for your help.

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