Disconnecting problems maybe because of tumbleweeds

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Disconnecting problems maybe because of tumbleweeds

Unread post by Erzu » Sat Jun 08, 2024 7:41 pm

Radiancer has been hosting sessions on the I/O server and there has been problems with people disconnecting from his lobby and seems like it happens on certain tracks. He said that these problems show up especially on Ghost Town 2 and Ranch, but similar tracks like Ghost Town 1 and The Great Silence have been fine.

Me and Powerate came up with a theory that maybe this problem has something to do with the amount of tumbleweeds on the track. The amount of tumbleweeds of tracks mentioned above:
  • Ranch - 15 tumbleweeds
  • Ghost Town 2 - 6 tumbleweeds
  • Ghost Town 1 - 3 tumbleweeds
  • The Great Silence - 0 tumbleweeds
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Re: Disconnecting problems maybe because of tumbleweeds

Unread post by Sauss-Ente » Sun Jun 09, 2024 11:10 am

Ranch has a noticeably higher disconnect rate.
Say, have you ever stopped your car to observe a tumbleweed at Ghost Town? They rather have an autonomous life, like going across the track on their own (wind effect). However on Ranch, they appear to be stationary. What about other moving track objects? Like the ball on Toy World?

Some quick numbers from the "competitive events" of 18.3 to 3.6:

Ghost Town 2 - 12/12 13/13 12/12 13/14 12/12 12/12 9/11 10/10 8/8
Ghost Town 1 - 12/12 11/12 9/9 11/11
The Great Silence - 12/13 14/14 11/11 11/12 16/16 11/12
Ranch - 10/12 9/9 8/9 10/11 9/10 8/9 8/8 11/12 10/10 11/13

Ranch: 94/103 (91,2% finish rate)
The Great Silence: 75/78 (96,1% finish rate)
Ghost Town 2: 101/104 (97,1% finish rate)
Ghost Town 1: 43/44 (97,7% finish rate)

Ranch and Great Silence are complicated tracks. New players have problems finishing them at their first couple of runs.
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Re: Disconnecting problems maybe because of tumbleweeds

Unread post by Powerate » Thu Jun 13, 2024 10:07 pm

I think I have a theory where instead of just the tumbleweeds being the problem it's all of the quantity of total movement happening at once from movable entities, maybe the issue is more present in tracks with tumbleweeds because they're constantly moving, probably needs more testing (aka. disconnection episodes from Radiancer's lobbies :hausderp: ) to be sure.
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